I am Andrew Boyd, owner of Courage fitness and Personal Training. I am passionate about empowering others to make positive changes to their wellbeing through exercise and nutrition.

I qualified as a Master Personal Trainer in 2015 through the Australian Institute of Fitness, after experiencing a major episode of depression. I developed a strong desire to help others recover from similar experiences with depression and anxiety.

I know from personal experience, that it is possible to create a positive attitude to life and how exercise can be a major contributor in the recovery from mental illnesses.

My sporting background and achievements are in State League Soccer and I have competed at State Level in Swimming.  

My interest in sport and physical activities has given me an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the many benefits of regular exercise.

Courage Fitness & Personal Training caters for both men & women of all ages and fitness levels.

All exercise programs are individually tailored, base on your fitness level and to suit your fitness goals.

Specialising in sustainable weight management, general fitness and sport specific.

I look forward to guiding you on your fitness journey.

Empowering you to:

  • Exercise safely
  • Improve strength, mobility & flexibility
  • Self-motivate to develop and commit, to a NEVER GIVE UP attitude
  • Enter out of your comfort zone and explore new capabilities
  • Look internally to discover one’s true values
  • Make positive changes to your life that are sustainable
  • Believe in yourself to achieve your dreams
  • Be the best version of YOU

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We work together with you

  • Focusing on your physical & mental wellbeing in a caring & supportive environment
  • Teach correct technique to perform each exercise safely
  • Exercises are progressive to build mastery & confidence
  • Build a safe and understanding relationship to encourage self-belief
  • Set realistic goals together
  • Design individually tailored programs to ensure you achieve your objectives
  • Regular tracking of progress & review of goals
  • Offer a diverse range of fitness programs
  • Flexible in the delivery of sessions
  • Genuine empathy and understanding of anxiety, depression, medical and lifestyle barriers

Styles of Programs

  • Metabolic conditioning for fat burning
  • Resistance Training for strength – weights & resistance bands
  • Cardio Training for improved cardio vascular function & stamina
  • Functional movement for strength, balance, flexibility & mobility

Exercise programs are based on your fitness goals, fitness level and your preferred style of exercise

Indoor sessions are in the safety of a private studio gym

Mobile locations can be arranged

We cater for male & female clients of all ages

Small Group sessions are subject to availability

Mobile locations can be arranged

We cater for male & female clients of all ages

Small Group sessions are subject to availability

If you’re ready to step into your Courage and live a healthier and happier life, click here to see if we’re the right fit. 

PH: 0402 618 328